Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Second Post

It's interesting, how quickly one's morale and enthusiasm can turn into so much vapor and mist. My first week after the job ended, I came home all fired up and ready to tackle all the things I had been dreaming of doing while I was stuck at my desk. I started making quilts, I organized, I cleaned ... and cleaned ... and cleaned. This lasted a week, maybe two. Then I realized that my quilts weren't selling, my organization was wrecked the minute the kids came home/woke up, and the cleaning was a never-ending cycle. I began harassing poor, unsuspecting friends on IM, desperate for conversation that didn't revolve around Barney and their latest bodily function. I tried turning to daytime television, but without having cable television, it was roughly equivalent to smacking myself in the face repeatedly with a large book, only slightly less enjoyable.

Now, as the third (could be fourth?) week rolls in, I'm feeling a bit better, less manic. Things are starting to come back to me, what I used to do pre-establishment-whore mode. I used to take walks with my daughter (who, in the spirit of fairness, shall be deemed Thing 2, or T2 from now on). I used to take her to the library. I even used to communicate with the other SAHMs in the neighborhood. I used to do things that involved movement, and showering. I can do those things again. Really, I can. And I WILL. Honest!

I will also come up with better post titles.


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