Saturday, October 13, 2007

Look! A New Blog Post!

Yes, I blatantly stole this from some ladies who I wouldn't necessarily want to meet in a dark alley. However, as they are my knitting brethern (sisterern?) they are automatically cool and down with this type of behavior. Welcome to my world, the sky is purple.

So ... where have I been? (You know you were wondering just this thing. Yes, you WERE, and you know who you are.) And, since I don't know who you are, I'm not gonna tell ya! Nyah, nyah, NYAH.

Ok, I admit it. My life is so dreadfully boring that I just haven't had anything worthwhile to blog about. Sure, I go places and talk to people and move things, but nothing that those not directly involved would even give a crap about. So, why am I even blogging, anyway, since Talking a Lot About Things That Nobody Really Gives a Flying Fuck About is the basic premise of blogging? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it's some residual guilt about making this guy move my link back and forth then not posting, or some misguided sense of duty after promising blogposts of epic proportions, or maybe I'm a little drunk and a lot bored. Whatever it is, Disney still sucks (here'th the proof) and Belle is not a princess. There is a history to this comment, but you're gonna have to find it all on your lonesome. Or not.

So, here I am, casting around for a worthy topic to re-enter the Blogosphere on, and all I can think of (or have my husband think of) is the plate of unfinished nachos on our table. And that is just so pathetically ... pathetic ... that I think I may have just achieved true Blogging Greatness. This plate of unfinished nachos just might be my Moby Dick, my Citizen Kane, my When Harry Met Sally Fake Orgasm Scene. Or it just may just be a poor excuse to show Tigger and Pluto's true colors. (By the way, why did Tigger feel it necessary to steal the kid's pumpkin, after trying to rip his head off? I mean, talk about adding insult to injury.)

And, that's about all I have, till the wine wears off. Or I have a plate of unfinished Gorditas to talk about.


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