Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Lost in Blogger Translation

I had a wonderful, thought provoking and LONG post that would make you weep and laugh and snort soda pop out of your noses. However, Blogger decided my words were just to rare and precious for the world, and ate it.

So, I'm forced to tell you about Crazy Yoga Lady and her Booger Water.

I've been exercising a little bit. Not too much, since that would interfere with my hectic schedule of sitting around on my ass, eating whatever I can stuff into my piehole, and making fun of Anna Nicole Smith.

So, I found two shows on PBS (we get two PBS stations here) on yoga, that run at the same time. One has an older, sane woman who dresses in sensible gray and blue workout clothing, and does her show from a television studio somewhere. The other one has a younger woman, who dresses in Hawaiian print dresses, does her show on a rock in front of the ocean, and inhales water through her nose and spits it out of her mouth. On purpose. I have never actually seen this, but my son has, and he was quite excited at the prospect of watching Mom recreate this astounding feat of physical strength and disgustingness. Um, yeah, I went with sane gray and blue lady. When I'm bending and twisting and stretching my body into various balloon animals, I prefer to keep my boogers safely ensconsed inside my head.

I wonder what Anna Nicole Smith would say about that?


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