Friday, January 28, 2005

It's My Party, and I'll Lie If I Want To*

Wow. If you take a look at my Stat Counter over there on the sidebar, you will be seeing that it is at exactly 9,998 visitors. That's TWO away from 10,000. This is the shit, because I've been sitting on my 67th post for almost 3 months now, and I'm just never going to be able to hit that lovely 100th post mark, because of the bullshit this-absolutely-free-therefore-I-have-no-fucking-cause-to-complain-about-it Blogger pulls on me.

So, I'd like to tell the 10,000th visitor: "This is your lucky day! As the 10,oooth visitor to this little piece of literary-type heaven, you will get a new Swatch. A new Swatch, and a pair of pink and black striped leg warmers." Yes, I'd like to say that, but that would be a lie. (*See? Told ya!) Instead, I will have my own celebration, which will consist of tequila, pizza rolls, and unnecessary body piercing, quite possibly even my own.

The party never ends, at Casa de Tater.*

(*It's also my blog, and I'll write lame endings, if I want to.)

(Update: Larry Jones was visitor #9999.)

(Update numero two: Llama was visitor #10,000. She still doesn't get the Swatch, but is more than welcome to join me for copious amounts of tequila and pizza rolls.)


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