Friday, November 19, 2004

Say What?

I started this blog, ostensibly, to chronicle my life after unemployment. I also started it as an excuse to use words like ostensibly. However, after a few short weeks (and I'm being generous here) I realized that there just isn't a whole lot to talk about. There was one week when I delighted and thrilled everyone detailing my cleaning schedule. There was another glorious week when I let everyone know about the ins and outs of my cat. After that, well, it just went downhill.

I cleaned like a mo fo. I cleaned like a pimp. At one point, I even cleaned like a llama, but the neighbors complained about the smell, and the saddle started to chafe. I went all Stepford on you, and even did a bit of Martha Stewart. I even, for a tiny little regrettable time, went political. Yet, the people kept coming in droves, couldn't get enough tales about what my cat regurgitated, what I actually did find in the back of my refrigerator, and waited and watched with bated breath to see my daughter's Halloween costume turned out okay. I can only come to one conclusion from this:

Damn, but I'm fascinating. Ostensibly.

(*I will also be posting sporadically, if at all, for the next few days. My mother is coming for a visit, and I will be very busy having my will to live drained out of me.)


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