Thursday, December 16, 2004

Feast or Famine

I was very satisfied with my last post, and was quite prepared to just call it a night and forego the listing of how many Naked Barbies I have stashed away in my dresser drawers until tomorrow. Then I saw this little item here, and it just screamed out for another post.

Speaking of screaming, I did no such thing. I did not rip my clothes, either, and those are most certainly NOT clumps of my hair clutched in my white knuckled fists. And if Mr. Affleck just happens to receive a care package of dog poop, you can rest assured it was not from me.

That being said, Alias: Season 4 begins in 21 days. (And NO, I do not have it timed down to the exact minute. Ok, I do. But I'm not putting a counter on my site about it! Unless someone can tell me how to do that, then I will ... )


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