Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Few Things (Could be Four)

First, thanks to Derek, for listing me as one of his favorite blogs here, and also kinda pushing me to actually write something here.

So, true to (late) form, I'm not going to write my own stuff, I'm going to steal an idea that was stolen from someone else, on a blog link that I bummed from another blog. I'd tell you who was responsible for what, but I don't want my kneecaps broken. And because I can't remember where I saw it.

Here's my idea which was stolen from a blog that I have never visited which was stolen from a blog that I have visited only because I saw the link on a blog that I have visited more than the blog that stole the idea that I stole from them. I think.

Yeah, here we go:
Ask me 4 questions. I will answer these questions. I may even answer them truthfully, but don't hold your breath. No, I said DON'T hold your breath ... oh, dammit, now I need to call 911, don't I?

And one last thing: Is it just me, or am I speaking in another language when I say "You can't have candy till after dinner?" I'm just wondering, and would really like to know before my head explodes all over the monitor.

*Addendum: I will answer all the questions in a day or two (translation: whenever I feel like it, unless I forget or get trapped under something heavy) in a separate post.


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