Thursday, December 01, 2005

Friday Free For All*

*Which In No Way Takes the Place of Carpet Munching Dogs But Merely Serves as a Buffer Post Until Such Time as a Sufficient Post May Be Produced And Blogger Gives You a Limit on How Long Post Titles Can Be, Did You Know That?

Anyway, here's the goods.

Paparazzi are morons. They spot Super Famous and Wildly Overrated Celebrity A strolling down the carpet at Nationally Televised and Stupendously Over-Hyped Awards Ceremony, and what do they do? Start calling her name: "Hey, Super Famous and Wildly Overrated Celebrity A! Look over here!" When has this ever worked? HAS this ever worked? Wouldn't a better attention-getter be to start screaming: "Help, help, my baby's on fire!" ? I bet it would.

Odd Thing That Bugs My Husband #847973: Disney's persistence in including Belle from Beauty and the Beast in it's Disney Princesses clique, because: "She's NOT a princess!" Not that Cinderella is, but it's his gripe, let him split the hairs.

I had a really good observation to make, and I thought of it while I was brushing my teeth, but then I dripped water down my arm, and got my bathrobe sleeve all wet and cold and forgot it and that really sucks because it was a GOOD one. But isn't it a bitch to have wet bathrobe sleeves? (She said drily.)

I had more to say, but ... well, dammit, my sleeves are wet! I can't be expected to work under these conditions!

That is all.


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