Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Free-For-All

Right now, my life is held together with a Band-Aid and a string, and I'm about thisclosetohavingabreakdown of some sort.

Therefore, this is all the mental laundry lint I have to spare for y'all:

Just when I thought I was done with the shabby treatment given me by ER, and could move on to a quality relationship with the much better written but less aesthetically pleasing (Patrick Dempsey was mildly charming in Can't Buy Me Love, but he is NO Goran Visnjic and I'm not 12 anymore) Grey's Anatomy, they drag in John Leguizamo, a man I would pay money to watch eating cornflakes nekkid. First they bring in the Amazon for the menfolk, and now this.

Bastards, the lot of 'em.


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