Sunday, October 10, 2004


As previously reported, we have a new kitten. This was done chiefly to get the Boss Kitty, who is a fat, dumb lardass wrapped in fur who I love beyond reason, off his fat dumb lardass (that I love beyond reason) and prevent him becoming a fatter lardass (the 'dumber' bit isn't possible.) The second reason I got her was because she's just really really itty bitty and cute, and drove any bit of financial sense or logical reasoning completely out of my head. The kids need coats? We don't have any food in the house? Well, okay, but she's got a fuzzy widdle nose!

Since she has moved in, she has quite figured out the pecking order in the house. "The Boss Kitty is to be admired and meowed at from a distance, the children are squealing little maniacs and must be destroyed, feet first, the man makes strange noises when sleeping, and most likely will need to be destroyed, but THE WOMAN. Oh, THE WOMAN is just catnip and cream on toast. She must be loved, worshipped, climbed upon, and nuzzled at any possible opportunity. She needs no sleep, she needs wet purry kisses at 3 am, and needs to have her hair (OH! Her HAIR!) wrapped around my little body several times and I can just DIE IN HER HAIR."

She also has a nasty case of ear mites, and I spent the morning swabbing out the black crud. Urk.


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