Saturday, April 30, 2005

Things I'm Doing/Not Doing

Doing: Writing a post to make up for the crap I've been writing lately.
Not Doing: Succeeding.
Doing:Watching Becker on TV.
Not Doing:Enjoying it.
Doing: Wondering if I can touch my big toe to the top of my head.
Not Doing (but seriously considering): Sending Larry Jones the medical bills resulting from trying to touch my big toe to the top of my head.
Doing: Wondering if this person found what she's looking for.
Not Doing (but, again, seriously considering, if I had a way to contact the above person): Sending her this link as inspiration.
Doing: Wondering if the owner of that site will leave me another nice comment, thanking me for the free publicity.
Not Doing: Counting on any sort of financial compensation for this publicity.
Doing: Staying up way later than I should/need be.
Not Doing: Continuing to write this drivel.


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