Tuesday, October 12, 2004

This Just In:

The world is run by a bunch of howling, incompetent and downright STUPID asswipes. I got a call from the counselor at T1's school, who will be at the Inquisition, I mean 'Team Meeting' later this week. She introduced herself, and then asked the single worst phrased question I have heard (and, this being an election year, that's saying a lot). "Hi, I'm Mrs. A., and I'm the Highly Trained Yet Remarkably Useless Waste of Oxygen That Will be Evaluating Your Son. I would just like to ask, do you have any concerns, social or emotional, that are preventing him from being as successful as he can be?" This is, apparently, the politically correct way to inform someone that your kid is a basket case, and you should just take that college fund and blow it all on hats. After assuring her that A)I do have a fully functioning brain, and B) that no, I don't, she told me that she had talked to his teacher and the other Highly Trained Wastes, and they had told her the same thing. Leaving me wondering: what the hell are we having a meeting for, then?

Then she said something that floored me. She HASN'T MET HIM YET. She is one of the people who will be deciding if and how much special help he needs, yet she is going on hearsay. Boy, it's a good thing she has a Highly Impressive Title, or I might have been tempted to freak right the hell out. When I mentioned that maybe it might be a little bit, oh I don't know, presumptous to label someone as having special needs when you haven't even SEEN them yet, she immediately assured me that she will be observing him in the classroom before the meeting. I wonder, did she make a beeping noise, backing up that fast?

But, not to worry. See, I'm part of a 'team', and the 'team' will jointly decide what is best for my son. And if the majority of the 'team' is making decisions based on various notes on Post-Its on his record, I have nothing to worry about.



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