Friday, October 15, 2004

Ya Learn Something New Every Day

I had the meeting with T2's teachers and the special ed counselors. We sat around a table, and one by one they detailed what they had tested him for, how they did everything, and what their results were. All had the same findings, that he is either at or above where he should be, and no one there believed he needed any special help, at all. One of them, who had observed him last year, when this whole thing started, asked me if I had any idea what had happened, and why he was doing so well now when he wasn't last year. I tried to take the high road, honest I did. For about 5 seconds, in my head. The gist of my answer was that I never felt he was a candidate for special ed, and his dragging his feet in writing was either due to stubbornness, boredom, or immaturity, most likely a combination of all three. And, wow, guess I was right.

So, that brings the score:

Overly Concerned Newbie Teacher: 0
Overly Concerned Cynical Mother: 1

I did my best not to point fingers (although I did draw nasty pictures of certain individuals with their fingers in their noses), because she was honestly concerned about him. Maybe a bit too quick to jump on the 'Oh, dear, he's not paying attention and not doing his schoolwork. Let's MEDICATE HIM!' bandwagon, but her intentions were good. Or so she's led me to believe ...


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