Thursday, March 17, 2005

And ... She's Off!

*Advisory: This post contains slightly sensitive subject matter. Said subject matter is not to be mocked in any way, shape or form by any persons, other than those known affectionately as Kif or Llama. Those found to be mocking subject matter (other than those previously stated as exempt) shall be found and their faces chewed upon by rabid ground squirrels. Or something. In other words, "If you can't say something nice, then shut your piehole."

I will be out of town, temporarily, to help and visit Mrs. Potato Head, aka Mom. My grandma, aka Scary Old Broad, is now a Scary Old Broad who is unable to live alone. So, we are going to be moving her Scary Old Stuff into a Scary New Joint. I expect it to take a few days, and I also expect it to require vast amounts of liquor, most of it for me.

So, there will be no empty promises for sandwiches, no Naked Barbie pics, no llama porn references during this time. However, I leave you with this:

Have fun, kids.


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