Thursday, May 26, 2005

And That's Why He's Called Cliff Hanger!

Well. The Amazing Race is over (no need to go back over all THAT again). ER squished a handful of 20-somethings (why oh why couldn't Morris have been in the pile?) and said goodbye to Noah Wylie before it packs its bags and heads to Miami for the summer. Medium ended with a cliffhanger that involved the Bible, a bunch of heartless people, and a set of nail clippers. And, last but not least, Alias ended with White Russians, one really big-ass red golfball, and an answer to Syd's quandary about keeping her name or not after she marries Vaughn. (I'd say yes, if I hadn't choked up my voicebox when that damn car came out of nowhere and smashed into them.)

In other news, my mother is ... trying. My grandmother's decline not only has provided me with wonderful opportunities to be a depressed, moody, and otherwise lovely person to be around, it has prompted my mother to be less like ... how do I put this, without sounding harsh or judgemental ... less like a demented, passive-aggressive control freak, and more like a normal human being. Yeah, that'll work.

So, kudos to her, hooray for me, but now what the fuck am I going to write about?


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