Monday, May 09, 2005

Everything Old is New Again ... What a Crock

So, we're taking the leap, and in between figuratively screaming at people to validate me and alienating those same people by writing mopey and cryptic crap with absolutely no car chases or explosions, I've been packing up all the crap worth packing, and putting aside all the other crap we're going to charge way too much for at the upcoming garage sale.

I'm not liking this. Every other time, when we moved, there was the excitement and adventure associated with exploring the neighborhood, finding the parks and libraries and grocery stores. Moving back to our hometown, we already KNOW where everything is, our best discoveries will be finding the box that holds the bath towels and good sauce pans. Factor in the living situation (living with mom temporarily till we find suitable digs) and the fact that, as of yet, neither of us even has a JOB yet, and the stress factor goes up about 10 jillion points.

And, finally, here is the concluding statement, where I will use the words Abyss, Fear, Journey, Beer, and is so eloquent and timeless everyone will have no choice but to weep for me.


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