Wednesday, July 20, 2005

On Second Thought, You Can Take That 'Bright Side of Life' Crap and Shove it up Your ...

So, after all the sleepless nights, hospital beds and nursing staff, dreaded late night phone calls, flower arrangements, constant stream of family, friends and misc. well-wishers, plates and plates and plates of potato salad and deli sandwiches, eulogies (and ratings of those eulogies afterwards), and just enough pomp and circumstance, sound and fury to send her off ... we're left with a refrigerator stuffed with pies and casseroles and sandwiches and a house full of not as yet wilted flowers ... and a huge hole in everything else.

A huge hole that will soon be filled with estate taxes, paperwork, meetings with bankers, accountants and lawyers, endless sifting through a lifetime's worth of collected ... stuff, and at least one huge-ass garage sale. I'd say this would make one helluva good script for a comedy, if it didn't suck gi-normous donkey balls.

And then, there's still the hole.


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