Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Because I Have Nothing Better To Do.

OK, so let's forget the fact that I have as yet not started on the doll clothes for the Demon Doll I gave T2 for her birthday last year.

Let's also wipe from our collective memory (memories?) that I have also not yet started to LEARN how to knit a Gryffindor scarf for T1 for his Christmas present.

We can, however, take solace and pride in the fact that I have finished the corn husk doll Nativity scene for my mother-in-law and have earned major bonus points with the husband which I will most definitely cash in the next time he asks me to do something vile and unnatural such as housework.

We will all be very relieved next week when we are able to purchase the material for and make the knotted fleece blanket for my father-in-law.

Along the way, let us continue our search for the perfect gift for the husband which will hopefully bring a smile to his face, joy to his heart, and an unending desire to his brain to wash the dishes for the rest of his natural life.

Let us ignore the unfolded clothes and the stack of unopened mail collecting in the living room. Irons and paid bills are for suckers.

Let us instead focus our energies on making Christmas tree ornaments with the children to give to their teachers and not for a moment remark that we do not even HAVE a Christmas tree yet. It's Christmas time, not Logic time. What's the matter with you?

Yea and verily, we shall spend two hours of our lives which we shall never get back watching the Amazing Race Family Edition and cheering just because the Weaver family DIDN'T win and grouse just a teensy weensy bit that none of them were eaten by a bear or Rollie didn't just run them over with a golf cart for being such huge buttheads and making him do every-freaking-thing that involved physical movement.

We shall steadily and dedicatedly breathe into paper bags and recite calming mantras whenever we realize that we will be have to entertain the children for 2 weeks during the Winter Break.

We shall also make up words because it makes us feel smart.

Finally, we shall write long-keyed and tedious blogposts about the above mentioned projects instead of actually doing them because that is just the right thing to do.

Praise be.


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