Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Free-For-All

Hey, I have a novel idea. Why not just change the name of this entire fucking blog to Friday Free For All, since that seems to be the majority of the posts?

Best laid plans: I had every intention of going to no less than 3 classroom holiday parties, having adult conversation with whatever adults were in the room, while stuffing my face with as much free chocolate and baked goods as I could wrest away from people shorter than I. However, before the first party even started, T2 complained that her eyes hurt, crawled into my lap and started to cry. So, my original plan was condensed into making a mad dash at 3 parties, stuffing my pockets with as much chocolate and baked goods as would fit, and only elbowing one third grader in the throat as I left. So I went home, and instead worked on doll clothes, and watched The Gilmore Girls and tried to see the appeal. I didn't succeed, but I have a new appreciation for throwing small appliances through the television screen.

Here are some good movies to knit to:
All the Harry Potter movies.
Pirates of the Caribbean.
The Truman Show.

Someone said that if I were to knit using wool yarn, the lanolin would get on my fingers and help heal my cracked skin. Someone LIED.

Boogers are just a bad invention.

Cheese, however, is really good. I like cheese. And bread. I love bread.

Eh, that's it.


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