Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can't Title, Knitting...

Things I've learned during these Knitting Olympics:
It doesn't do to cast on while drunk.
It may be fun, and you may believe that you are doing really, really well, but once the morning light shines across your bleary eyes and the kids are bouncing across your bleary body, and you finally see your bleary knitting project ... And you get it, blearily shutting up now.

Anyhow, after I decided to swear off the drink whilst knitting, I got to this stage in the hat process:

The ribbing is done, and I have since started on the cables. And
what pretty, pretty little cables they are. (Pictures soon, promise.)

Here is the same hat, only standing up to give you an idea of the standing up size.

And here's the inside of it, to prove that it is indeed round and hat-like:

And, to keep you non-knitters entertained, here is a picture of Gomez Addams and Thing:

I'm not sure if I'll get to the mittens, since I am currently pulling out stitches to get back on course again (I wasn't drunk, I swear. I was ice dancing, and my partner fell on top of me, and I was so very busy glaring at with him with the glare of icy death, I must have knit when I should have purled.) Plus, I missed a day to sickness, and life also has a pesky habit of requiring people to do things, like eat and be sick and subsequently not eat and hit the Internet searching for answers to why one may be sick (Can't go to doctor, knitting!) ... But that's enough of that.

Next step: Bobbles!


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