Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's All Relative.

First, forgive me for the sucky post title. I know not what I do, I only know I had to get Nekkid Rider off the top of my blog.

So, that being said, I'm just going to chatter on and on, and you all are going to pretend that you care.

I took CatDog into the vet today for her shots, and the vet tech was quite impressed when, as he was taking her temperature, I reassured her by hugging her head and telling her not to worry, just pretend she was in prison. Damn, but I'm funny.

In a few days I'm loading up the car, the kids and whatever clothes bearing receptacle I can find that is not a Hefty garbage bag, driving 4 hours in one direction, staying in a hotel where there will be a shitload of family members hanging around in one general location for a lengthy amount of time doing varied and miscellaneous stuff. I will eat, drink too much, probably not dance because I will be very busy being put on display by my mother, chasing after my devil spawn and having to answer the question exactly 2.3 jillion times: "And who's daughter are you, again?" Then I will drink just a little bit more, do the Chicken Dance, and eventually find myself face down in a hotel bed. Hopefully mine.

So, there you have it. I will be not posting a little bit more than I usually don't post, David Hasselhoff and his Wonder Wrinkles are gone a little bit more, and you all DO care. You really do.


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