Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Ok, so depression sucks. Even mild cases, though less so than the really bad stuff. However, before I let this post turn into a chronology of how much life can suck, I'll list off other things that suck.

When you type in a page to look for, and the task bar on the bottom of your screen says 'Done' but all you're looking at is a blank white screen.

Hitting your head on the wall and knocking yourself unconscious for half a day.

Paper cuts.

Paper cuts on your tongue.

Dog/Cat/Child vomit.


People who save their space in a book by laying it down so the pages are spread out on the surface and are really destroying the spine and haven't these people heard of bookmarks?

This list.

Sweaty feet.

Cold feet.

The fact that the people on Sesame Street are all actors and Maria's real name is Sonia Manzano and she and Luis are NOT REALLY MARRIED and I feel so dirty and ashamed.

Proper punctuation.

Missing your favorite television shows.

Famine, pestilence, genocide and daytime televison.

Headaches in the morning.

This movie.

Free-floating anxiety and feelings of despair and worthlessness and the horrible feeling that you truly are alone in the universe and there is no point to life and the vague and unsettling fear that everything including your existence itself is an illusion, fabricated by an evil third party for some sort of dastardly world domination plan and resistance is futile.

Brussel sprouts.


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