Saturday, January 07, 2006

Giant Ass Slippers and Demonized Kittens ...

These are a few of my favorite things:

A herd of wild yarn balls invaded my house and, since I already fed them once, they won't go away. I'll keep them, fatten them up, and next Fall make a scarf out of them.

Here is the unfinished HP scarf, with 13 more stripes to go. And yes, we have enormous marshmallows in our living room to display stuff on.

Here is my darling headless husband with his Festivus Pole.

Look upon me, and fear the LIPS! Then give me some tuna.

These are really huge orthopedic shoe lookin' slippers. I love them.

CatDog has her reservations.

No, she pretty much hates them.

But, she is no match for the gigantic shoes of doom.

She gave up a valiant fight ...

but the Orthopedic Shoes of Death prevail in the end.

"I'm back from the dead. Give me a steak, or I'll eat your brain."

(Yeah, I'm back, bitches. Deal with it. I am.)


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