Saturday, January 14, 2006

HappyFunBall's Completely Useless Post

Tropical Depression HappyFunBall has been downgraded to General Annoyance and Pestiness With Just About Everything and Everybody. People in the area can expect sudden outbursts of profanity and airborne shoes. Local authorities are asking that people not panic, don't question unless absolutely necessary, and carry a Twix candy bar at all times. Temperatures should level out within 5-10 days.

The humor level of this blog has hit an all time low, and an increase in funny pressure is not expected anytime soon.

The management would like to announce that the person(s) responsible for the above blog post has just been sacked.

The management would further like to announce that the above post was not a real post, in and of itself, but merely a test to see who was paying attention.

The management now wishes to announce that the person(s) responsible for the above test failed miserably and has now been sacked.

The management wishes to express it's heartfelt regret that they are unable to announce anything else, or conduct any more tests, or do anything managerial whatsoever, because they have also been sacked.


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