Monday, April 03, 2006

Hurry Up and Wait (5 Hours to Delete the Pathetic Portion of Your Sad Little Post)

No, do not stab someone in the leg with a fork.

I'm waiting for the salesguy to call me back, to see if he can really pull a lower price for concrete out of his ass. (He's really fun at parties, believe me.) The foundation-layer-people (that is SO the correct term) are waiting for me to call them to schedule the pour. I'm waiting for the plumbing inspector to come and inspect the plumbing so the building inspector can come over and be an officious little jerk.

My god, this sounded SO much more interesting in my head. (And, oddly enough, it doesn't make it any more interesting when you put a line through it, 5 hours later. Huh!)

Um ... you know what?

Here's a picture of a monkey washing a cat.

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