Saturday, September 18, 2004

So, I am home.

Okay, I lied. At least about the 'not being at home' stuff. I can't get anything past the lot of you, can I? I did, however, get heat exhaustion. If heat exhaustion means having a splitting headache and the inability to keep one's dinner down. But my darling husband was passing interference with the kids and keeping me supplied with Advil and cool water, and my brain did not, in fact, fall out of my ears. I didn't have any bleeding from my eyes, either. Both good things.

Today's blog may not make much, if any sense. (And not in my normal not-making-sense type, but REALLY not make sense.)

The highlights of the day were:
Thing 2 got a bike from the neighbors, the ones that used to babysit before spotting the horns coming out of my children's heads
Thing 1 didn't want to participate in the parade, and I didn't have an anxiety fit over it. Hell, he's joining the Cub Scouts, I think that's HUGE.
I realized that tortillas don't taste very good, the second time around.
The kids are asleep, and quiet, and we can actually watch a movie WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS.


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